Multi-Flex Circuits | 25 years of global experience in printed circuit boards.

Multi-Flex Circuits | Circuit Board

Multi-Flex Circuits is a company that has over 25 years of global experience in printed circuit boards. We're proud of the satisfied customers we have across Australia, the USA, Europe, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Korea and the Philippines.

When you do business with Multi-Flex Circuits, you can expect us to listen carefully, offer intelligent solutions, work with the highest quality materials, meet your local industry compliance and specification. We believe total customer satisfaction is fundamental to a successful business partnership.

Multi-Flex Circuits | Circuit Board


At Multi-Flex we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service available.

When you submit a design to us, one of our engineers will review it and provide you with feedback BEFORE we start the manufacturing process.

This way, when you receive the board you know that it is going to work. No one else offers this level of additional service.


Sydney Australia
+ 61 2 9673 2388

Melbourne Australia
+ 61 3 9761 6565

+ 65 6898 5788

+ 1 408 858 3994

Europe and North Africa
+ 356 2166 0833